birthday excitement....

This week we are preparing for a lovely birthday party for our soon-to-be SIX year old! In keeping with tradition, the birthday girl gets to help make her own cake, and lick all beaters too. I am so glad these girls love to help! They are each getting so skilled in measuring, mixing and even washing dishes!

For Eden's birthday party - we are going to a park for a special tea party with 7 of her friends. I decided to try something new and make "cake-pops" which are basically cake shaped into a ball, poked onto a stick, and dipped in chocolate! They taste like a truffle on a stick!! I searched online for directions - and followed Bakerella's website. It was definitely a labor of love (since we don't have packaged cake mixes or frosting in a can) - and a fun learning experience! Eden even shared the chocolate-cake-beaters!!

Here we are dipping the frozen pops into the melted chocolate...and adding sprinkles!
It was quite a process!

The finished masterpieces!

My favorite one!

I think she is giddy with anticipation....

Only one more sleep (not so) little one!!
We love you so!