birthday girl!! #SIX!

Eden is SIX!!! - another unbelievable moment for this momma! She has been counting down the days for over 3 months! This amazing little girl is so full of life and eager to celebrate! She is a bright ray of sunshine in our lives....busting through clouds and bringing absolute cheer. She delights in simple things and observes with quiet intensity. Her beautiful strength shows in her quiet, and in her spunk. She is a sweet friend, silly and yet such a servant.
She woke to lots of sixes taped up on our birthday window, a vase of flowers just for her, and presents wrapped up so lovely. She could hardly wait. She patiently waited for each Skype phone call, each present waiting for its giver to be present. She was overjoyed with each gift - quietly, yet joyously opening the paper with care. Her eyes bright and sparkling with curiosity, so much wonder in her heart. She is such a delight, always easy-going, sensitive and full of questions too. She loves her presents, by the way!

We celebrated at the park with a canopy and little friends. It was a magical tea party with long flowing dresses and baby-dolls and crowns and dizzy-twirling and tea cups.

Eden Sofia was born after much anticipation, over 48 hours of laboring and working....though I don't remember being overly tired (we forget so easily!). Her bluish face scrunched up with wrinkles, feeling ever-so-grateful for a midwife who clipped her cord so fast. It really does feel like yesterday. She loves to hear her birth story retold again and again: the miracle of her life! Even Asia seems to remember kissing her head softly, and the excitement of welcoming a baby sister. They are such wonderful gifts.

Thankful for:

six amazing years of life
her deep questions, always probing deeper
her dimpled cheek
the freckles emerging on the bridge of her nose
bright blue eyes that dance & sparkle
the way she tackles numbers with such ease
she doesn't mind dirt
hearing her read new books to Sydney
her willingness to try new things
how she clams up with an audience
how she walks on my back
her creativity and imagination
her constant laughter
how she loves to eat breakfast (2 times)
her fervent love for spinach
when she helps me in the kitchen
her purity

You are a treasure sweet Eden, radiant light, a miracle in our lives - we love you so!!

Oh...I almost forgot her sleepover too! ...with her sweet friend Amina!
(with not much sleeping going on!)