party girl

Eden wanted a "monkey party" this year with lots of friends! This was Eden's first BIG party in her five short years of life (she typically withdraws in big groups of people) ....but we invited all her friends to this party! = 15 kids total!! The weather was great (no snow or rain, thankfully!) and all the kids had a blast together. We brought a picnic lunch, banana cupcakes, banana ice cream and a monkey pinata!!

The only time Eden got a bit nervous was during the 'Happy Birthday' song & when she was opening her presents - when she was the center of attention! She had a great time though, and it was precious to watch her run around with her best buddies. Happy Birthday Monkey!!

(Gabe, Josiah, Emma, Linus, Asia, Noah, Andrew, Aaron, Wes, Elvira, Eden, Amina, Sydney)

Elvira, Eden & Amina - the three musketeers!