Birthday bike + frustrations

This year Eden lucked out – she got her very own NEW bike (this is a big deal for us)!! It took lots of patience and bargaining skills – but we finally found the perfect bike for her! (hopefully this one will last for Sydney too!) It says “Moonbeam” across the side – and has lovely purple & sliver streamers on the handlebars. She was very excited to get home and ride about. It’s the perfect summer gift!!
As always, making a purchase like this here is a bit frustrating: We never know the actual price, because there are no set price tags on anything here. It’s all about your bargaining skills! Justin bargained hard, and then walked away a few times. We looked everywhere for another bike (with the same quality) and ended up returning for this one. THEN – the lady we had been talking with had left for lunch, and lady #2 gave us a higher price. Does this mean they aren’t sure of the real price? We waited for awhile until lady #1 came back, and realized she gave us TOO LOW of a price…but the real price was higher! Ahhh!! Why can’t they get their prices right the first time? This whole process is very challenging – especially when it comes to spending money. When people haggle & lie like this, we just want to walk away and not buy from them – for principles’ sake. BUT – we ended up buying this bike for Eden….and realizing it was only the difference of $10.29US. That made me feel a little better. When dealing in Chinese Yuan – 280Y seems so much cheaper than 350Y. AND – I haven’t a clue what childrens bikes should normally cost….so there you have it: We bought her a bike, and our blood pressure needlessly skyrocketed once again.