...it was bound to happen sometime...

It all began with a lovely bike ride to the park! Asia & Eden rode ahead - as I pushed Sydney in the jogger. She wouldn't have lasted the entire walk, and I needed some jogging! The girls did so well, staying to the side while cars & taxi's honked and drove by so quickly. They are very well-trained in Chinese traffic wisdom - AND listening to mom's voice from behind. It was a good test of their abilities too - they were so determined to make it all the way! ...even with hills!

We rode about the park, stopping to share a little snack or drink. We parked the bikes, and began climbing on the exercise equipment. Some older school boys came over, and started joking around, laughing and pointing at the girls. I attempted to chat - but they weren't paying attention to my attempts. I briefly got distracted when Asia scraped her shin - and in a flash, my camera was stolen. When I finally realized it was gone - the boys were too. Eden saw the whole thing happen - she even told me what the boy looked like, and what he was wearing!

Things like this are bound to happen anywhere in the world. I know that in my head – but its so frustrating when it happens to you. I replayed the scenario over and over in my head - but there wasn't much I could do. I "should have" kept the camera in my pocket, instead of the stroller. It was a shiny object calling out to be taken. Thankfully, Justin was very understanding - and we've had this camera for over 7 years (the 3rd camera! for one price, Thank you Costco!). Maybe this kid needed a camera? Maybe he will feel guilty, maybe not. But now he has a new person praying for a change in his life.

...and we get to bargain for a camera in China. yikers.