birthday girl!!

FIVE years ago today we welcomed you into our lives, "E." Little did we know how much you would inspire us, change us, teach us, and bring so much joy into our lives! Your questions, your smile, your spunky spirit ...you are a miracle!! We love you with all our hearts!!

Eden was so excited to turn FIVE this year! She was counting down the days for at least 2 months. She was served her favorite breakfast and smothered with love all week! We had fun opening presents from America, eating a Chinese cake with Aiyi, using SKYPE for the first time in 10 months, and counting snowflakes outside!! It was a monumental day!!

Eden Sofia - such a joy!! Your name means "delights in wisdom" and you are already proving this to be true. You ask many deep questions about life, and you love to learn! You are full of energy and creativity. You love to play games, figure out how things work, and move about. You love to help mommy & your sisters, or join dad on any errand. You love being outside!! We are amazed that you are already learning to read, and figure out how "math" works (without any help). You are so kind, inquisitive, thoughtful and smart! We love you sweet-pea!!
(Asia saved her Yuán 元 ($) and bought Eden a little stuffed monkey this year!)