McNabb girls rule.

The McNabb clan is growing yet again -- no, silly, not MY clan, but the other McNabb clan! Justin's brother & wife just welcomed baby Madison Leigh into the world on May 18th!! She is beautiful and perfect!! You can read about her grand entrance on their wonderful blog too (we are big fans). So now we have a total of FIVE granddaughters in the McNabb clan(s)!! What fun!!

When we found out that aunt Krissy had been admitted into the hospital after her "high risk" ultrasound, we gathered the girls to pray. We made some lists of all the things they could think of to pray for their soon-coming-cousin and auntie-in-labor. I love the ideas they came up with:

Here is the picture (and notes) we sent along, since we couldn't be there in person.
All of these requests came true - and momma was able to deliver naturally, without any complications!

That same night, we got a Skype call to let us know SHE was born!! (safe & healthy - wahoo!!) Of course its challenging to be across the globe when our family is expanding....but we are SO glad that we can get this kind of news, and SEE her within hours of her grand entrance! (have I mentioned how much I love technology?) Madison weighed 5lbs 5oz - such a precious peanut!! Emotion wells up in my heart, knowing that we have a new niece/cousin out there - even though I can't hold her or sing her songs. I am still determined to win her heart, and let her know how much she is adored! Madi - we are some of your biggest fans, and we love you dearly!!