parade DAY.

Parade #1 began @ 10am with a loud marching band along Pacific Avenue, and the girls staring in wonder. You'd think they never saw this sort of thing before. Oh wait, they haven't.

The Downtown Holiday Parade was the place to be!! There were amazing tumblers, acrobats & dancers....of all ages. Colorful floats & Clydesdale horses, classic cars & too many Santa's to count. I was amazed by the kid-unicyclers & children on stilts. That was circus-talent-in-the-making.

gotta love free fun!!

Parade #2 began at the Santa Cruz Harbor with crowds gathering to watch the annual Boat Light Parade on water! As the sunset behind us, we ate our dinner/snacks and huddled close to keep warm as the boats paraded thru the Harbor in all their razzle-dazzle glory. Again, too many Santa's to count. We did manage to get an amazing family photo.

gotta love beautiful (winter!) days in Santa Cruz!