build-a-bear mania

Has anyone heard of Build-A-Bear? I am sure this phenomenon has been around for years, but for some odd (foreign) reason - its new to me! We were invited to join our neighbors/friends and make the trip over to San Jose. At the store the girls chose their own animal, stuffed them & chose outfits too. They even put a tiny heart inside before it gets sewn up. It's quite the ordeal - yet SO amazing that this business thrives off children's love for stuffed animals (and parents too).

This was Sydney's actual day of birth - so it was a nice celebratory event! I think Asia enjoyed it the most, as she thrives off furry animals + frilly ballerina dresses. Thank you friends for the generous gift to our girls! I hope this can all fit in our suitcases!!

Later...we had cupcakes again. Happy Birthday sweet Sydney! You are such a beautiful & insightful little girl. We love your spunk, your joy, your outgoing personality and all the crazy comments & expressions we see every day. You have graced our lives!! We love you Squid!