a few traditions...

I love traditions. Somehow, they make a family unique. Each person feels cherished & like they belong. Traditions also have deep meaning and history, which helps strengthen our bonds and identity as a family. In our 7+ years of marriage - its been fun to develop new traditions, and weave old ones into the fabric of our life.

For example: We fill our kids' stockings to the brim. AND there is always a yummy piece of fruit in the toe.

We try to make a new ornament each year, with the girls in mind!
We bake a dessert & sing "Happy Birthday!"
We buy a tree that's the same height as Asia.
We read the Christmas story aloud.
Baking Norwegian Kringla with my mom.
We give a gift as a family, choosing a simpler Christmas for others' sake.
Newest one: Making a family home video!

I wonder what new traditions will arise as the girls come up with new ideas??