a great gift!!

We are delighted to report that we were able to pick up our Chinese Visa's TODAY in SF!! After 5 months of perseverance & waiting - we finally get to go back home!! We celebrated by spending the day in SF together (just the 2 of us) - and even meandering thru China town!

We window shopped in the Haight/Ashbury district, ate Gyros, Hummous & Dolmas for lunch, and drank Mango Black tea in China town. It was our perfect gift! Thanks for all the encouragement along the way!

This lunch/food picture is mostly for my sister Krissy - even tho you don't eat meat/animal products, or much cooked food, know that we still crave these delicacies from your motherland.

China town was bustling with people - we felt right at home!!

Now we just need cheap tickets!