our happy little tree....

Today we chose a beautiful Noble Fir, and supported people in recovery at the same time. That makes us feel better, knowing this tree is dying in our living room now (don't tell the kids). Someday, I would love to buy a living tree, and a nice big pot. Until then, I will always have a real tree with amazing pine smell and full branches.

The girls did all the decorating this year (all I did was the lights, and unwrapping the fragile ornaments)! They loved looking at each ornament, and asking where it came from. I think we have ornaments from 13 different countries! Then we basked in the glow & felt all warm+fuzzy.

Not pictured: Sydney running around pulling ornaments off tree, and stashing them in unknown locations.

Their new favorite activity is rearranging the nativity set and hearing the story too.