We're going gluten-free

...here is the latest on Asia's health saga! Her tongue & mouth are doing great...no more thrush, no more blisters, no more inflamation and we can't even see the geographic tongue anymore. We are quite thankful for that. However, she has still been having stomach/gut issues. After her recent test results and some research we think that many of her symptoms in the last year could be stemming from a Gluten intolerance (or Celiac Disease). We are still not certain, but the more we research the more it seems to be a good possibility that she has it. The doctor in Beijing suggested this as a possibility and there is a test we can take to be sure. We are kicking ourselves for not getting this test while we were there in Beijing, but it may be able to be done here...we are looking into it.

In the meantime we are learning how to prepare a gluten-free diet for Asia - quite the adventure out here I must say. I am learning quickly how to read ingredients in Chinese and what to look for. Celiac Disease is quite rare in China (at least it is almost never diagnosed) so there are pretty much no gluten-free specialty products here...we are learning how to make everything from scratch with a lot of raw foods. I guess it is good for all our healths! We are just needing grace for all the adjustments to this slightly different life in China.
- Justin