its been a stressful few days, and now that I look back on it....maybe weeks...or even a year? I have never realized how precious our health can be, until my own little kids have faced ongoing sickness like we have this past year. I have heard that everyone's first year in another country can be quite challenging in the health department, but I never imagined it could be like this. We aren't facing any life-threatening illnesses, nor are we in the boonies where we are unable to find help. It could be much worse! I am just *very* aware of the blessing of health. This week, we came to the decision that we need to travel to a larger city to get some expert care. I really hope we can find some answers to our questions, and be given quality medicine to heal every ailment. at the same time we are full of trust that our bodies and healing are in Another's mighty hands. i hope to have the faith and perseverance and joy amidst any inconvenience that comes our way, tho its quite hard when children are in the picture, and we are responsible to make wise decisions on their behalf. there is a huge weight on our shoulders to make the right decisions, trust a doctors diagnosis, choose quality medicine, serve healthy food, not to mention shepherding these precious girls to the best of our abilities. what an amazing task he has entrusted us with. be with me Jesus. as parents, we want to model faith and trust - so our little ones can experience their father at work, and know that he is our great physician. health and healing go hand-in-hand. i am so grateful for the health we do have....even when we are sick! I know it could always be worse.... written by the momma