the feeling of home...

we made it home. yippee.
we took an unexpected trip to the capital city of Beijing (may 10-18) for some Medical expertise/advice on Asia's health. we made the decision in about 2 hours, booked the flights and were on a plane quick. eight days later we made it back to our "little" city with a new love for home. i am sure you know the peace of being settled, grounded, at rest in your own haven. clean, soft beds. space to run free. familiar faces and courteous taxi drivers (well, maybe not the taxi drivers). the BJ trip was very worthwhile, as we got incredible medical attention, wonderful news, and healing medicine! Asia's tongue is on the mend - with some simple antihistamines! all her organs are functioning well, and she was brave with her needle poke. we spent most of the week laying low as Asia got better, exploring the city when we felt up to it. PTL for international insurance coverage! we stayed at a lovely hotel - spoiled by a pool of water, breakfast buffet, within walking distance of Starbucks, a water fountain, restaurants, and the hospital. hotel/flight&medical expenses covered! what a relief. I had never seen Beijing before either, so it was a treat to spend Mother's day & Eden's 2nd birthday in the big city. i am so thankful the girls are all "good travelers", flexible and easy-going. but its so sweet to be home. thanks for remembering us. ~ Ali