Jesse Tree part 2

Christmas crafting has come and gone in this house, but its been a good 4 weeks of sewing & such with the girls.  I attempted to make Jesse Tree ornaments last year and only finished about 10-15 of them.  This year, I added a few more to the collection, and I imagine I will finish them next year.  I never realized how intricate of a project I was undertaking, but I am having a great time piecing together each ornament and making it our own.  The kids really love hearing the stories & lessons along the way too, which is the MAIN reason I am making these!  This year the girls each took turns reading during our evening family time, which makes it even more sweet.  I love hearing them read aloud, and finding lessons we can learn from this rich Story!

Anyhow, here are the most recent additions to our tree:

Rahab & the spies

Ruth & Boaz



David - shepherd & king



Ezekiel - God's word is our food!


Zechariah & Elizabeth

Watching & Waiting

On the back of each circle of felt, I stitched the book & chapter of the reading for that day, which is what has taken me so long to complete these ornaments.  I really enjoy coming up with my own design for the front, but the tedious part of stitching words isn't my fave.  Anyhow, it has been so fun & therapeutic to make each of these in the evening after the girls are in bed.  I have about 6-7 more ornaments to complete this project, which I will hopefully attempt next Christmas (2013).