making a Jesse tree

Even though it is hard to be away from loved ones over special holidays, we have really tried to embrace this cross-cultural lifestyle, and make special traditions as our little clan in this place. I am thankful that we are removed from the Christmas hype and commercialism in America, and that we can breathe fresh meaning into the holiday, on this side of the globe....even sharing it with others who have never known the reason for the season. :)

This year - I am attempting to make a Jesse Tree, with ornaments out of felt. It has been pretty therapeutic for me too, sitting and stitching each tiny piece together by hand. I just searched online for ideas, and went for it! There are about 25-29 possible ornaments that I could make...so we will see how it all turns out. The girls are really enjoying the family time at night, lighting a candle, reading and talking about each ornament, and placing them on the tree. I've only made 10 ornaments so far...but its really fun. I love having a creative outlet = it helps me to decompress, relax and fills me up too!

Here are the few that I have made so far:
Creation & the Fall

Noah & Abram
Sarah & Isaac
Jacob & JosephLight & Moses
Isn't this so fun? hehehe.