holiday crafting....

for the newest family member (cousin) ....due in Feb 2013!!

These are my new favorite crafty gifts.  I buy onesies at the 2nd hand store (nicer ones, of course) and create a fun felt character on the front.  I made some for a friend last summer, and I hope she enjoyed them.  I searched online for images & ideas -- while trying to stay neutral with the gender, since we are all going to be surprised with this soon-coming-miracle!! 

 I also made a bunch of these child-sized aprons for a certain birthday girls' party this month, and I got pretty fast at whipping these out -- so I made a few for gifts too.  These two were sent to cousins in Ohio! 
The girls made these simple owl ornaments - even Sydney (5yrs) stitched her own!  I really love working with felt, as it holds its shape & position so well.  I love how they turned out!
These were made with dried pinwheel pasta and lots of glue!  ...then painted white and strung with some ribbon & beads.  Simple but fun!
Not sure if these are quite visible, but we just used a brown cardboard star (from the craft store) and used colorful tissue paper to paint on with glue/mod podge to cover the entire star. 

So there you have it....some of the fun gifts & crafts we made this year!!