an original gingerbread creation

Our girls have grown up thinking houses with yards were such a novelty, since they have lived in tall cement apartments since they can remember. So of course, we decided to create a different kind of Gingerbread Home this year....a high rise apartment building out of yummy graham crackers. It was so fun to see how high we could build it...well, until we had used almost 2 entire boxes!!

Can you see the awning we built too? 

Here's a close up of the front door (dan yuan) and the short dog that our neighbor lady would take for a walk everyday (the green tootsie roll).  It was good to remember these little things together, and laugh about our memories of home. 

And here is the demolition:  
(which actually looks like many buildings in our city, and reminds us of our Ice Cream Factory that was officially demolished in February 2012.  sniff sniff.)