worms. not a fun topic.

This month 4/5ths of our family caught WORMS. Just typing that word makes me cringe. I am told its a common ailment around here - but annoying to say the least. The fact that it spread so quickly between the girls; we had to quarantine our family & apartment quickly. We pulled E&S out of preschool - which is where I assume they caught the nasty little parasite. We all took our allotted doses of Albendazole, and waited 10 days! It was a challenge, since we didn't feel sick - but wanted to keep the parasite from spreading. The girls were troopers though!

We also began a strict hygiene regimen - scrubbing hands, omitting all sugar from our diets, bleaching all surfaces, washing toys, and buying new bedding! I was a laundry fiend. Amazingly, I survived Worm Infestation 2010, which is miraculous! Let's hope this is not an annual recurring event.

p.s. The girls are out of preschool for this season. :)