learning from older generations...

Today as we were riding bikes outside....this little lady hobbled up and set her portable chair right next to Justin. She was really excited to talk to the foreign guy who speaks Chinese. Her voice was high-pitched & raspy & hard to understand - since she is 98!! She was so happy to have someone listen to her stories & thoughts...it was cute. She had an amazing dragon cane - which looked quite old too. I discreetly snapped a photo of her feet - which appear to have been bound as a young girl. I am amazed that she walking as well as she was!!

I love meeting older people in this culture - they love to sit and talk & reminisce! Justin said that he only caught about 50% of what she shared - but it was interesting to hear her ideas. Even some other Chinese neighbors couldn't understand what she was saying....so I guess it wasn't only ME!! I love the lines in her face, her toothless smile, her honesty & friendly spirit - and her perseverance in life. What a treasure!!