Harvest Carnival 2010

Since last years' costume party was such a success - lots of families & kids were requesting another party this year! It has now become an Annual Event! Somehow we managed to pull off another extravaganza of epic proportions.....spanning TWO apartments - right down the hall from each other. We had similar games, but opted to have a Cupcake Walk instead of a Pinata this year! The kids (and parents) loved it! We also had a goldfish pond and a Photo booth!!

The girls dressed up as a Shepherdess (Asia), Tinkerbell (Eden), and a Ballerina (Syd). Justin found a Chinese Street-sweeper uniform, and I tye-dyed my Hippi shirt. The kids loved dressing up and playing games with all their friends! ...and eating the special cupcakes too.

Here is Sydney with her friend, dressed as a pink cowgirl.

Eden & Syd with their friend, a Pink Princess.

Asia, the Shepherdess with Davey Crocket & Maid Marion! So historical!
Happy Harvest to one and all!