October activities....

FALL 2010 Kindergarten Co-op is back in full swing! I have about 8 five-year-old's every Wednesday in our home for 2 hours of hands-on learning, and then 1 hour of Physical Education - outside! This is the most kids I have ever taught at one time - and its definitely full of energy! The kiddos look forward to Wednesdays so much - and they are so fun to be with! Asia attends her own Co-op with friends her age down the hall.

Here are some picts of activities & crafts this month of October:
(my kids only, for privacy sake)

Eden making "Grandma's Scones" - using math skills!
The kids made the snack this day...and it was yummy!

Learning about plants & how they grow: Dyed Celery!
Eden was so proud of her blue celery stalk. She even ate it for a snack!
She also planted a bean - and watched it grow!

Family sing-along & music nights:
Eden showing some interest in playing guitar!!

Baking some delicious Banana Muffins together!

Can we get any more excited about Leaf Prints?
(made from styrofoam, pencils & markers)

Making pumpkin masks!
(learning about mixing colors, painting, using scissors)
...and here's the whole gang!

We also made orange scented playdough!

It has been a very full month of crafts & fun group activities together. These international kids are so precious & I cherish the time I get to spend with them.