Thai - Nana!!!

Justin’s mom flew from America to spend 3 weeks with us on our travels in SE Asia. It has been ONE YEAR since the girls have seen her, and they were SO excited!! We met up in the Bangkok airport – with huge smiles and hugs. She is full of energy and loves these girls so much!

We squished 2 twin beds together – and Nana sleeps next to A&E in their own room. We spend our days playing at the pool, making picnic lunches, eating popsicles, taking walks and swimming more. Then we read books!!

It has been warm and windy here near the beach. Justin & I got a horrible flu bug, which kept us in bed for the first 4+ days. If Nana weren’t here, I’m not sure how we would have survived. She kept the girls busy, read lots of books and helped them get over their fears of the grass/ants/sand (see below).

Enjoy the sweet picts of our adventures with Nana!!

Mom!! Thanks for coming and being such a JOY to our family! These girls cherish every moment spent with you! Thank you for loving them with all your heart! (we missed you Poppa Joe!)