Last day…

I have ONE full day in Chiang Mai before I am admitted into the hospital for my tonsillectomy. I pretty much know the recovery will be painful and that I won’t get to eat much of the delicious food around me….so….I have one last day!! This morning we had a yummy buffet breakfast, and later found a Songthaew outside to hire for the afternoon. The kids love riding in the back of these brightly colored “trucks” with the window flap up while hanging from the handrail/bar. Our idea of safety might be different than yours. Hehehe.

Our driver took us to lunch at a yummy Taqueria for Thai-burritos! Then we drove about 30 minutes up the mountain to MaeSa Elephant Camp!! Sydney rode an elephant on a short jungle tour (with mom & dad) and we all watched the elephant show! The elephants are trained to play soccer, paint pictures, and entertain the crowd. It was really incredible!! There were HUGE elephants, and even a few little babies that followed their trainer’s commands so well. Nana was brave to let an elephant give her a hug with its trunk!!

The elephant ride through the jungle was amazing. Being on top of this massive animal, trusting their strength and trainers to lead us along the narrow, steep jungle paths takes courage! We walked into the river, and our elephant decided to take a small bath, drenching our legs & shoes too. It was quite exciting!! Sydney loved riding atop the big elephant and getting splashed too. She is a brave gal. (side note: doesn’t our elephant look kinda prego?)

What a great DAY! After that, I checked myself into the hospital for my tonsillectomy. I had to stay overnight before surgery...for observation!