learning to swim!!!

One of our main goals this trip, was to get the girls in the water as often as possible! It definitely helped, and they each grew more confident and aware of their abilities. It really helps to be in a warm, sunny place – so the girls can LIVE in the water! They are getting braver each day! Asia has begun to swim in the deeper water, putting her face under and using her arms like a frog. Eden loves to float about in an inner tube, kicking around the pool and showing off her kicking skills. She is our little pollywog – wiggling about the pool with her bright smile. Sydney is taking her time with the water, staying close to the edge, or snuggling in her towel. She loves to hug our backs and paddle around with us. Overall, our goal was accomplished!! I feel more at peace around large bodies of water, since I know Asia & Eden can swim and keep their heads above water. I am so glad that they LOVE water too, since we have very little exposure where we live. AND it’s amazing to see the girls with TAN-LINES!! (don’t worry mom: we used SPF30 every day!)