Coral Island paradise

Our final week in Thailand was probably the most relaxed I have been in years. Actually, I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed. My tonsils were almost healed, we had ZERO plans or people to see. The views were so peaceful and the weather was perfect. We took a small boat to a tiny island surrounded by coral reefs…to just BE. We basically spent the entire day near the pool (since the beach has sand), with breaks to eat food (only out of necessity) or reapply sunscreen. We have seen amazing butterflies and even a gibbon up in the tree!! Justin went snorkeling once – and got to see beautiful fish out near the coral reef. The girls are so happy, and we all feel rested. We all need this kind of recharging – a chance to get perspective, decompress, and be encouraged. I am definitely refueled by being out in nature – so this has been perfect for me!! (if only I could see my nieces & nephew, life might be perfect)
Back to reality....