We spent 9 priceless days with Jason, Kris & Jordan in Lexington - our close family AND dear friends. I don't think it gets any better! The hills of Kentucky are gorgeous this time of year, with bright green grass and sunset hues across the landscape. Time flew by way too fast, but we got to see many daily facets of their life out east. It was inspiring to see their eating habits (high vegan + raw foods), exciting to hear of their future aspirations, and priceless to spend time with 17-month-old cousin+niece Jordana.

Having a cousin brings such adventure: like blowing bubbles in the backyard, sharing a bath, wearing matching pink shirts, running after horses in the grass, and vying for the best toys. I'd like to think the girls were great examples, but sweet little Jordan can easily get trampled underfoot. Besides sharing all the memories - we also shared a nasty flu bug with her too. I think only the 2 mom's escaped the sickness.

Here's a big family picture - with everyone attentive and smiling!! A rare moment! Thank you JJK for the amazing trip & time together! We love you so much! (why are we so cute?)