just like fam

Spending two weeks with ol' friends has been joyous!! The girls tackled Nate & almost took him down. Justin & Nathan have been friends since freshman year (1994), so we always look forward to our reunions. It had been 2½ years since we had seen them...and this time Nathan & Elle had become parents! (they are amazing!)
This was our first time to meet their daughter Sophia Elizabeth. Sydney & Sophia shared a swing; a bonding time indeed. We spent evenings at the park, and shared meals together as often as possible. These two are 10 months apart...

We also got to be there to celebrate little Sophia's first birthday...a monumental occasion! She had thee biggest cupcake I have ever seen. She was pretty amazed too.
Eden loved Sophia so much. She was always asking permission to hold her.
Everything was great until Sophia tried to swipe Sydney's coveted panda bear.
She tried to make up for it with a blue camera case. Not so sure it worked.
We loved reconnecting with our friends, and though its hard to say goodbye - we know our paths will cross again, and we will remain close across the globe. We may just have to meet up in another country next time! Thanks Doan fam for being such amazing friends! We love you all heaps!