off to horse-land (and dog-land too)

Last week we left our green minivan @ the Denver airport, and flew to Lexington, Kentucky (the horse capital of the world!), in the center of the Bluegrass area (green pasture lands & rolling hills)! Justin's brother+fam have lived here for 4 years, and this was my first visit! They blessed our family with round-trip tickets, so we could all spend more time together in their part of the world.

The girls love playing with their little cousin Jordana, and becoming acquainted with their cute dog "Cash." This was a huge bonus for us to come visit - since the girls are afraid of animals & things that move. Cash is a sweet Jack Russel, with great personality. He's full of energy and loves attention. The first 24 hours, the girls were skittish, nervous and wary of his every move. Sometimes they sat on the highest part of the couch to stay out of reach. BUT it was amazing to watch the progression of their comfortability grow with each day. We thought they would ALWAYS be afraid of dogs! Justin taught them how to play with him, pet his head and run around the couch. They learned to throw the ball for him and let him cuddle at their feet. He is such a loving dog - so it wasn't that tough!

I have come to realize that deep down - I am a horse girl. Seeing all the farms, pastures, green grass....made me long to gallop bareback with my hair in the wind. And I love pets. Someday I hope we can have one. And I love being an aunt, but you already know that (not in that order of course).