Hiking the Red River Gorge

Even our 3 year old Eden conquered this challenging hike - up steep trails and along the mile-long pathway to the very top (and back)! Everything was green and picturesque, exploding with color, yet cool in the canopy of trees above. We hiked under the Natural Bridge sandstone, and thru a small crevice in the rock. The view at the peak was breathtaking - overlooking the vast canyons below. The girls loved picking flowers, leaves, finding walking sticks, caterpillars, and taking rests along the way!

We loved being outdoors again, taking in the beauty of creation!! As the girls get older, its amazing to see them able to tackle physical activities like this, without a complaint. Sydney & Jordan had the best deal - riding in backpacks making cute faces for all.

This is the "crack in the rock" - which the girls were absolutely amazed by. Gotta love their intensity and awe. Thanks fam for sharing this gorgeous spot with us!!