The past 4 days have flown by. It all happened so fast, which is abnormal for life in China!! We are moving!! ...its only across town, but closer to downtown and our ice cream shop. We look forward to less travel time, great bus routes, new restaurants and the bustle of life in the heart of the city. Once the dust settles - we will try to post some picts of the new home/haven. We have already met some precious schoolgirls and friendly neighbors.

Explanation: The girls love to ride on these goofy 5 mao 毛 amusement rides outside of most neighborhood shops. All they do is rock back & forth to a repetitive Chinese kids song with high-pitched voices, while a red light flashes on top. Eden turns the steering wheel frantically, as if it makes her go faster (the best 7 cents spent). Sydney takes it all in with glee, while Asia isn't so fond of all the attention from our neighborhood schoolgirls - it might take her a bit longer to warm up to her newest fans. What can you expect when three precious little white girls invade your neighborhood?