bu yao 不要

A very interesting aspect of living here - is that when a foreign family decides to return "home" to their native land - they typically sell whatever they can of their belongings, and then hold a "Bu Yao" which is basically a free-for-all, in-home garage sale. Bu Yao - translated literally means "I don't want."

I have mixed feelings about these coveted events, because obviously I *love* scoring on others' give-away goodies, but mostly - its hard for me to see them leave. To rummage thru someones life and personal belongings that have sustained them while living in a foreign land, just gives me chills. Maybe I am just overly sensitive, but I assume its a tough spot to be in. I am sure they are happy to get rid of all the stuff (it feels so freeing) but I would rather them stay. :)

I have experienced 3 Bu Yao's to date, and have definitely scored big. Children's clothes, lamps, candles, first-aid items, shelving, books, tea cups, a fax machine!, chopsticks, toys, etc. But none of this stuff compares with the richness these families have brought to this land & culture. At the last one, I even cried. Yeah, call me sensitive.....