a new view

Well for those that follow this blog more closely....you will be glad to hear that we survived the move!! It was 12 days ago now....and we are slowly beginning to feel settled in this new spot. I truly hope we do not have to move again soon - as it was not a pleasant experience.

We literally packed all our belongings in 5 short days. That was a miracle in-and-of itself. We packed everything in cardboard boxes, rice bags, suitcases and laundry baskets. The movers showed up at 8:30am....and proceeded to negotiate the price to move our home across town. Nevermind that we had gotten a previous quote on the phone. There were added costs once they saw we had white skin. Justin patiently (yet inwardly annoyed) negotiated for another 45 minutes, until an agreement was made. Three van trips later - all our belongings were transported to our new apartment. We changed neighborhoods, and moved off the University campus that we had grown to love. It was hard to move!!

This new apartment comes with some new quirks and joys: It is much bigger than before, with an extra room for guests (when are you coming?), and a huge kitchen! The previous renters renovated the entire apartment with amazing taste, which we gladly inherited. We are on the 8th floor (with a lift!) overlooking the city from 2 directions - and have views of the snow-capped peaks on clear days. Its amazing to have this bird's-eye view as we truly love it here.
The kids can all sleep in one big bedroom, and play on a small patio/balcony too! It's much dustier than before, and the bathrooms are not yet up to par. There are stairs (which keeps us on our toes) and the kids enjoy the new space to explore+hide+create. I particularly love the open school area - and the vast counter space in the kitchen (2 places I frequent).

It always takes time to feel at home in a new place, but little by little it it is beginning to feel like a haven for our family! I am sure you will see many more picts to come. We have already had 2 groups of visitors within 2 nights of moving, and another 2 this summer. We'd love to have ya!