just one tragedy per week, please

OK, well maybe "tragedy" is a bit of a hyperbole - but in an attempt to prepare myself for the worst, I have begun to accept the idea that if there is only ONE challenging/frustrating/troublesome/time-consuming event per week - then we are doing fabulous. It helps me accept the "tragedy" with more joy and even excitement. What could it be this week? It feels like an adventure, with surprises at every corner (just one surprise per week tho, OK?). Thanks.

This week: We found out that our newly installed hot water heater had been secretly leaking behind the sink, under the kitchen tiles, under the not-so-pergo flooring, and into neighbor's bedroom below. I thought fix-it men were supposed to fix things, not make them worse? Oh wait, that's ok - because I haven't had my allotted ONE tragedy this week. Everything is fine now, and I can laugh at the situation. What an adventure!