XAU Christmas Banquet

So as you can tell by the Chinese characters on the banner above us, this was our Universities Christmas/New Year banquet. They roped me into being the one of the four MCs for the evening. On the far right is my spoken Chinese teacher and next to her is one of my classmates. He is Kazahk. Next to me is a Korean classmate. The four of us translated the Chinese into our respective languages and hosted the entire evening. There were many performances and a pretty good dinner to follow.

Here is our class singing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" in three languages!

Ali & Sydney sitting with our Dean of Foreign Student (Waiban = 外办) and a Russian translator. Our Waiban has been such a help to us as we got settled, and deals with all of our visa issues while at the University.

This is most of the students in my class -- Americans, Koreans, Kazahks, Kirghiz, Tajiks -- all trying to learn Mandarin!!

Sydney took the show. I think it was the shiny stage that she was attracted to.