passed my test!!

We just completed our 4th book of Mandarin (in a series of 6) and I passed my test for the semester! Wahoo!! To celebrate - our class went out to lunch at the only Texas Deli in the city - which was a stretch for some of the Asian's in my class, but I gave a fajita rolling demo, and they caught on fast. Eden came along with me, as you can see her little head at the far end of the table, with her beaming smile.

This is one of the only places in the city where you can order some homemade tortillas and refried beans. Believe me, its a craving! We have gotten great at making it ourselves at home, but its so nice to have a place like this in our city - complete with chili, burgers, pan pizza and milk shakes!

Here are some Korean classmates posing for a picture.
This is my teacher on the left, and her friend on the right. And I am proud to say that all our conversations were completely in Chinese. Well, except if Eden needed some translation. I mean, she translated for me. :)