"too much meat"

We are sad to report: We were unable to visit our friends' home because her father was rushed to the hospital the morning of our gathering. Our friend said she thinks her "dad ate too much meat, and his heart was hurting." Of course we were bummed, but glad that he got to the doctor. She is a very sweet girl, and we are excited to become closer friends (Her dad is better now too).

On the other hand: This was our first time witnessing a Korban Celebration, and whoa....it was graphic. Early in the morning, trucks unload hundreds of sheep on all the main intersections, where herders corral them into temporary pens. The crowds are already gathering - hoping to get the best pick. Some families will share one sheep with another family, so its not too expensive. Muslim Imams will bless the sheep right there, and slit its throat right on the street. The sheep don't make a sound, but there is lots of blood. Its messy and not for weak tummies. We saw men with skinned sheep all over town. Ali saw a huge cow on the road being skinned, and huge plies of sheepskins on almost every major intersection. This holiday is quite intriguing. Maybe next year we will kill, gut & pluck our own turkey for Thanksgiving. We'll see. If we are feeling inspired.