festivities with friends....

Welcome to our Christmas party! We served a delicious lunch to anyone who could come - about 15 classmates, teachers, friends - and played "Dirty UNO" too! It was so neat to share a special holiday with our local friends, and offer tasty American treats. I made Chicken Soup, a spicy Chili, lots of Veggie Pizzas & Sugar cookies. We also gave out a homemade Hot Chocolate mix, which many had never tasted before! The girls love having visitors, and they take full advantage of teaching new English words, reading books and giving loooong tours of their bedroom.
Here are three Uyghur sisters....we tried to get our three chicas to pose with them, but only Sydney would cooperate! Aren't they beautiful??
A group shot - 4 Uyghurs, 5 Americans, 1 Hui, 2 Chinese! An intercultural festive affair!