thirty something?

Another year, and still I feel young!! (we'll see how long this lasts!) Justin planned an exciting day together exploring a famous park atop the highest mountain in our city, and we got to overlook an entire 360 degree view. It was fun to go on a special date, view the city from a new vantage point AND eat a delicious lunch too! Here are some highlights...

Riding on the scariest ride EVER - this rickety bike contraption mounted on a flimsy rail high above some concrete. what were we thinking? We pedaled fast!

Here is Justin up on the rock, reaching to the sky and proclaiming victory. It was so fun to conquer the mountaintop and be walking around this historic park. We also ventured across a crooked bridge, and saw a bunch of boys fishing in the pond.

Overall, I had a wonderful day - and even got some chocolate cake to top it off! Good chocolate cake is rare out here!!