my numerous job offers

One of the funny things about living in China as a foreigner is the contrasting pros & cons of sticking out in a crowd. While you might tire easily of the endless onlooking masses or pay a bit more for some things (skin tax), standing out also has its advantages. Being a white guy in a city of 3+ million Chinese people has provided for some interesting job opps. In the last two weeks, I have gotten three job offers, all of which I had to turn down for various reasons, perhaps the biggest being I am not allowed to WORK on a student visa. :)

Last week, a friend introduced me to a movie director looking for for foreigners who might be interested in
acting in a movie. The main plot had a great message and they wanted me to sign up right there, but I didn't feel comfortable without seeing and understanding the script fully, which they don't have available for me yet. They said they would get back to me. :) We will see.

I also got offered a modeling job, which when I heard - I burst out laughing! While flattered, I know I am not up to most modeling standards, but then again, there are different standards out here. I had to turn it down though as it was an Ad for Bai Jiu (alcohol) which is what most people here use to get drunk. The funny part is - they wanted me to pose in a red cowboy hat. Ha!

The third job offer is the most common here and not as flashy-
teaching English. I get asked to teach English almost weekly here - from training centers...to mothers who want private tutoring for their kids - there is an endless desire to learn English. But what was interesting with this latest part-time offer was the pay they were willing to fork out: 120 yuan per hour of teaching (about $16 US/hr) which is the highest pay I have heard of and plenty to live on out here. When I told them that I wanted to focus on finishing my language studies first, they asked me to tell all my friends in America about the job and if anybody is interested, there are plenty of options for you out here in Xinjiang. Let us know!!
~ Justin