Eden Sofia & Sydney Grace.....

So much has been happening lately, that we have a hard time keeping up. Eden & Sydney are changing and growing in leap and bounds, and in light of their big sister's eventful life - I wanted to post some new picts and share about their sweetness and glimpses into their lives. They are so amazing, huh? :)

Here is a beautiful moment with E - she was climbing thru this green tube at the park, and I caught her in action. She looks so grown up to me, and is losing that baby-look. She is full of adventure: daring and curious, yet shy and smart too. She loves to make people laugh.

Eden is also eager to use her blue potty, and attempting to wear big girl undies throughout the day. She is quite proud of her newfound skills. Its so wonderful that she wants to do this on her own! I love this smile...

Sydney is just now showing an interest in food! She is getting most of it in her mouth, and trying new flavors all the time. Her eyes continue to amaze us, with a darker hazel-green tint (like daddy). Each of the girls are so unique & gifted.

Sydney is a fast crawler! She is all over the house, pulling up on furniture, taking small aided-steps with the help of anything she can grab. She loves to play under chairs, in small nooks, or grab the toys A&E might be using too. She is quite vocal, and typically has this sweet smile most hours of the day. She is also getting numerous teeth right now, so her nights are a bit fussy and challenging for all. She is changing so much right now, so she is content to be near momma most of the time.

Since this is *our* blog - we love to revel in the beauty, giftedness, growth and brilliant qualities in our beauties. We cherish them!!