where everybody knows your name

Today I went out shopping with Asia, and as we were coming back - we caught a taxi (chu-zu-che = 出租车) right outside the department store. The lady was a really cute Uyghur lady, wearing a trendy cap and stylish sunglasses. She smiled as Asia got into her taxi, and climbed up into the seat. She was quite talkative with us as we drove, and she mentioned she had a little boy "her age". I told her we were foreign students, and somehow she already knew. Then she said, "Your daughter's name is Asia, right?" I was amazed that this lady (in a city of 3 million) could know my 4 year-old daughter's name!! I asked her how she knew us, and she said a friend had told her about a foreign family living at our college. Crazy!! News sure gets around fast.... Asia's name also seems to be of particular interest, and is also used for Uyghur girls in other forms. Anyhow, its nice to feel loved.