trip to a smaller city...

Last week we traveled to Xining to visit some friends working in a nearby province. It was such a different place - and it felt much smaller, quainter - if you can say that about a city of 1+ million. It didn't feel as crowded or bustling with activity as our home city. We also got to stay in a new youth hostel with great accommodations, attend the grand opening of a new Italian restaurant, as well as see the World Class Rock-Climbing competitions in the park across from our hostel. We got to meet lots of new people and have fun as a family. Here are a few pictures of our trip....

This is Sydney....making a Chinese friend. These two little gals are only 2 months apart!
Here's the Rock Climbing wall & crowds. People came from across the world to compete - from Europe, Iran, China & other parts of Asia. It was amazing to watch the climbers attempt these routes, and also the speed climbing (under 9 seconds!).
Justin & the girls riding double bikes in the main square - they loved this!!
if you want to see some videos of our trip - just click on the McNabbfam video link - on the top right. We just started posting some video's on YouTube! More to come hopefully!