a wedding event

today we got to attend our 2nd Chinese wedding!! it was very fun, and always a cultural learning experience. One of Justin's previous language teachers got married today!! She is such a sweet girl, very spunky and giddy. She looked beautiful and was truly glowing! Really -- she was decked out in a big white dress - with heaps of fake colored rose petals, lots of glitter, hair ornaments and flowers throughout her hair. You can kind-of see in this picture. isn't she so cute??

We were the only white people there, and quite the spectacle (we didn't even bring all THREE kids!). Weddings here are not typical ceremonies, but more like a reception/celebration. There are no vows or any program you might think of as "American." lots of toasts, bowing to one another & bowing to the parents. there is always a BIG meal with dozens of dishes placed at each table, with so many new delicacies to try. the DJ was loud!! he hardly stopped yelling into the loudspeaker as everyone ate, and most of the men were smoking, but overall....it was nice. at one point, one of Justin's other teachers came over to see Sydney, and we gladly let him hold her. he was gone in a few seconds, and then handed her off to another lady (who we think was his wife?). I tried not to get nervous, until 30 seconds later I see this woman putting a piece of candy into her mouth (she's only a 6 month old baby!!). Justin rescued her just in time. now she knows the taste of sweet-candy. she is ruined forever. :) just kidding.

My favorite part of the day was when the groom (who we had never met before) yelled to us over the microphone in front of the entire room full of guests, "Has President Bush ever gone to a Chinese wedding?" What can you say?? if he hasn't, he's missing out!!