June 1st - Children's Day! 儿童节

here in China, today is a *very* special day for kids. every June 1st, is Children's Day! kids won't have any homework, and some don't have school. This is a day to celebrate with their family and go to fun parks! it's a day to be treated with lots of yummy, sweet-tooth snacks, and showered with gifts. for many, it can be one of their most favorite days as a kid. almost every park, museum, cinema, art exhibit or other entertainment park is open free-of-charge, and some schools throw big celebration parties while parents & friends shower them with presents. i have read that this day is celebrated because children are the "future custodians of the nation" so they seek to provide them with a good family, social, & educational environment.

for our family, everyday is children's day. :) we spent the day dancing in tutu's, painting with watercolors, baking bread, running thru the tall weeds outside (which we aren't supposed to do), eating peach-juice popcicles, and enjoying Cowgirl Dora. as i type we are eating strawberries and making garlic rice for dinner. sounds like a fun June 1st to me.