Sydney boop boop

That is what Eden calls her!! She has so many nicknames - Squid, Syd, Mei-mei, Scooter... she is growing up way too fast. She is over 6 months now, she can sit up on her own, and loves to scoot all over the carpet....and she almost always scoots straight for the tiles, where she waits for someone to pick her up. She loves any non-toy, especially DVD's, beaded bracelets and metal objects. Her eyes are this amazing blend of dark blue & hazel - but definitely not like A&E's bright blue. She has a few sprouts of hair...but still pretty much bald. She adores people and smiles continuously. She is our skinniest kid thus far, not as plump and chubby as my first two. She gags when we try to feed her anything solid - so we will wait a few more weeks to see if she can actually swallow food. For now, she is content with momma-milk. Sydney has decided that sleep is overrated, and that she doesn't want to miss anything her big sister's might be doing....even in the wee hours of the night/morning. She needs some change in this area of her life, as does mom.
A'PA (pictured above), as the girls call her, can put Sydney to sleep instantly - and she has been such a help to us around the home. Here's a picture of Ali's hero, holding Syd. We love watching the dynamics change and grow as we raise three beautiful, creative & energetic daughters in this land. Its an adventure....but one that we will never forget. I hope you enjoy watching them each grow and change from afar.