an exciting find - liang cha = 凉茶 - Iced Tea

A few nights ago, I came back from the corner market with 3 new iced teas for Ali & I to taste-test. This tea won the contest, and is a new fave. Its called "Heqizheng" = 和棋正, pronounced "huh-chee-jung." Taste-testing new drinks has become an occasional family event out here. I think the tea is made (partly) from a root that is supposedly good for sore throats. You can buy the root raw and it makes for a delicious hot tea too. I like it because it has three distinct flavors as you drink: First, a pleasant minty flavor refreshing your mouth, followed by a smooth sweet taste. Third is sort of an earthy/dirt aftertaste that just feels healthy. Not that I eat dirt very often, but it is way better than chocolate or cheese and it grows on you. It is hard to drink just one. :)

It is one of the more expensive teas, for a whopping 3.5 kuai, or 45 cents.....only for special occasions! Ali likes the picture of the Chinese man with his pretty fan. Doesn't it just cool you down looking at it??