spolied by the clan.

How amazing to be a mommy! I had a great time reflecting today on motherhood, and the gift it is to ME - not just to my kids. I have grown so much by having these three beautiful souls in my life. They bring so much joy!

My day was amazing. Daddy let me sleep in - and I got up to breakfast being made! We took the girls downtown to look for some last minute party supplies (E turns 4 this week). We ate lunch at a Caribbean Cafe (called "The Vine") and on the way home - I got dropped off for a massage! Massages cost about $5 for 90 minutes! We definitely take advantage of this on special occasions! When I finally made it home in the afternoon - I was greeted with homemade cards, artwork, a beaded necklace (from Asia) and a video that dad+girls created! It was hilarious to watch.

Later, I joined another mommy-friend for dinner at another cafe in town. I didn't cook at all today, which might be a first. It was great to have some mommy-conversation, and be with my sweet friend.

I am so honored to be the mommy of these three gals. They have literally changed my life forever, and have given me more than I could ever have dreamed. I am convinced that I get the best end of the deal! They are such treasures!