Happy Labor Day 2009!

May 1st is a holiday in most countries around the world! ...celebrating the 8-hour work day, and taking a HOLIDAY! We decided to brave the masses and get outside as a family.

We went out to Singaporean food for lunch (yum) and the girls each got a bubble tea (45 cents each). They absolutely love the tapioca balls at the bottom, which provides some entertainment as well.

Then we walked the crowded sidewalks, holding hands tight - and enjoying the sights and smells all around us. People were EVERYWHERE! - Swarms navigating their way without any real flow of traffic. It makes me laugh, because my mom always taught me to "stay to the right" when you walk down a sidewalk, or down a path. I grew up with a deep sense of predictable etiquette. Here, that does not exist. You just head in the direction you want to be, and push your way to get there. That's why we have to hold hands.

Later we hopped on a bus to get home - which is always a highlight for the girls!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!